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rock/pop/newer wave
NEBRASKA play PRONTO CLUB, Queens Cross on Friday 16th March with DEATHSTAR PREVIEW and are on The Path To The Silent Country with a UK tour

16 March : NEBRASKA + DEATHSTAR PREVIEW at PRONTO CLUB, Queens Cross or with discount flyer from
Monto, Water Rats Theatre, 328 Grays Inn Road, London WC1x 8BZ (Kings Cross/Thameslink rail/tube - zone 1, and 24 hour buses).


Magnetising a following with powerful songs and stage presence, they started this year deservedly tipped in various publications and their magnificent debut album, The Path To The Silent Country, is making the sussed sit up and take notice.

"When the movers and shakers of our fickle business compile their now obligatory year end 'Top 20's' of favourite whatever's, and this record isn't mentioned in at
least 40% of the "Best Album" categories then it'll be a shocking oversight and a questionable vote of no confidence in their musical judgement! This album really is THAT GOOD!"
(New Music Scotland, March 007).

Nebraska started life as a South East London cult, but the ripples are spreading out bit time. Producer Adrian Hall (The Clash, Live 8, Ray Davies) discovered a rough demo of The Sound That Stars Make and was hooked.

Born and instrumental in the much-touted New Cross anti-scene that heralded the likes of Bloc Party and Art Brut, they'd a wealth of material just waiting to be realised with a willing and able producer.

The resulting album ‘The Path to the Silent Country’ was recorded in early 2006 and released in October on Hometown Jam Records, the label operated by his protégé Zoe Smith, becoming one of the brightest shining hidden gems of the year and garnering increasing praise as the buzz upon discovering it, builds.
It's not just the incredible songwriting that marks them apart, their intense passion live, and the asbo-choirboy vocals of Michael Nebraska are all part of what makes music fans such staunch supporters.
Nebraska have been compared favourably to The Smiths, the Manics, Afghan Whigs and more, kicked off the year with increasing media and industry attention (including a double page in Time Out magazine). Nebraska are, and always have been, a self-funded, self-realised DIY band with an absolute dedication to music and a belief in honesty and soul over fashion and trend.

‘A Stunning debut…surely destined for greatness’ Artrocker Magazine
Steps On The Path To The Silent Country...

   March 007

   8th - Newport Meze Lounge via God Is In The TV
 15th - Cardiff Hard Rock Cafe
  16th - London Water Rats Theatre
  25th - Aberystwyth University
  29th - Barnsley Hang The DJ Club

  April 007

 2 Apr Intake Club, Mansfield Mansfield
 4 Apr The Loft, Cambridge
12 Apr The Blue Cat, Stockport

"Nebraska have been ignored for far too long. They are the antidote to the current crop of off-kilter punk that is blanketing the underground music world, so if you want to try something a littlee more meaty, then get you teeth into Nebraska" (Smash Music)


Alternative New Wave of the Joy Division kind - Deathstar Preview fuse rock and dance energy. "We love guitars, we love electronica, we love big beats" they recently told DJ Magazine. (Guitarist Rex Bowden ran a progressive house/electronica club that attracted some of the country's top DJs). This band's on stage dynamism has already incited a stage invasion or two.

"Imagine a band of glamourous future-punks playing to a crowd of aliens on a distant planet with hot replicant girls striking robotic poses amidst the flash of a strobe light in a neon-lit underworld of uber-cool cbernetic ecstacy. This sounds like the beset sex you've ever had."
(Salvo Magazine)


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Re: NEBRASKA + DEATHSTAR PREVIEW - 16 March KINGS CROSS Water Rats show, + UK tour

That was actually one of my very favourite Nebraska shows. They were so rock n roll! It was a weird night where the Pronto Club bands were running late, there was no DJ, the bar shut an hour early and lots of regulars seemed to have stayed in to watch Comic Relief or something, as it was crowded, but largely with new faces.

It was brilliant. Never having seen Deathstar Preview before I was gobsmacked at how infectiously enjoyable they are. A punk rave disco with a touch of goth rock glamour. The dance floor were MAD for it...

Despite it being nearly midnight, people weigned up the prospect of having to get a night bus with having to miss Nebraska, and the music won. Last night they got banned from every Hard C ock Cafe in Europe which is stirling work for only the fourth date of a UK tour, but being on the road agrees with them. They played a fiery, punkier set that made a mix of die hard fans and the aforementioned new faces actually dance when Michael Nebraska asked them to....

I left them all in a haze of alcohol for a journey on the night bus and was home in no time. Yup, it was more than worth the wait!
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