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A Global User account:

Free of charge
Can be composed of any alphanumeric characters (a to z and the digits, plus the space mark).
Can contain zero or one spaces. "Mickey" is fine, "Mickey Mouse" is fine, "Mickey Mouse 2000" is not.
Can have the lowercase/uppercase appearance changed after the creation.
Other than the lower/upper case, account names cannot be changed after the creation.
Are protected by a password that can be recovered if lost, using the email address you enter at creation.
Source: Runboard support pages.

A Global user account can be used on the TDTSC forum and any other forum that is hosted by a Runboard server.

When you have created your account you will be able to join in with discussions at TDTSC and all the other benefits that having a user account gives you.

Before you register please save the address of the forum ( as there might not be a link back to the forum after you have completed the registration.

How to register:

To register simply follow the instructions on this page:

You will need to post your first message on the TDTSC forum before you become an official member of our Titanic community.

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